Where will the bus campaign go in 2014?

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014
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Our Stop for Me, Speak to Me bus campaign will be rolling on into 2014. Over the summer, we will need your help to tell us the state of bus services in your area.

We need to know if bus operators are acting on the commitments they have made both nationally and locally after holding swap with me events or receiving our campaign information. We can't find out how bus services are doing unless you tell us.

Diane Marks, RNIB Volunteer Campaigns Co-ordinator in the South East, has recorded a short film to inspire seasoned and new campaigners to mystery shop their local bus services in the Spring.

Watch Diane's mystery shopper video

We'll provide you with the short questionnaires to complete after your journeys and we will collate them all to get a picture of how accessible bus services are and the helpfulness of bus drivers.

Keep watching this space and we'll get more information and resources to you as we get closer to Summer 2014!


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