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Thursday, 11 October 2018
Professor  Julian Malins

Professor Julian Malins believes RNIB has greatly contributed to his life.

RNIB does a great deal of things for a large number of people. Its greatest contribution to my life has, without a doubt, been access to Talking Books. I came across my first Talking Book in 1967. I was at Exhall Grange School in Coventry. The Talking Books players were the size of a small suitcase and only portable with the aid of a trolley. Happily the technology has moved on and I now carry around a whole library on my mobile phone. However, it’s not the changing technology that is so important to me, but rather the life changing impact of being able to access books. School was not a great success for me; I am dyslexic and visually impaired, but thanks to RNIB’s Talking Books service, I became a keen learner. I ended up with several degrees, including a PhD. Thanks RNIB.

Our Talking Books Service is free and gives you access to thousands of fiction and non fiction books for children and adults.