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Friday, 31 August 2018
A choir

" I’ve been regularly attending live music shows since I was a teenager.

"The venues range from grand halls, to damp, dark cellars. To be honest, I’ve always preferred the cellars! The only problem is, I can’t see in the dark. Over the years, all venues have changed a lot when it comes to accessibility. It’s not just the fact virtually all of them allow my guide/carer to go free and give me concession rates. Most importantly is the change in attitudes of the people who work there. People at the venues really are great; the ticket officers try their hardest to sort the best seats. We’re often let in early to get settled, they let us use the stage door or whatever is easiest, arrange seats at standing events, get us drinks, the list goes on! Above all else, they treat us naturally, not as if we’re a drag. They help make it fun. I love live music!”

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