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Friday, 9 November 2018

Catherine Gilliland
“Through RNIB Connect I have discovered a community of mutual support.

It took me a good few years after my diagnosis to find RNIB. By then I was used to getting along by myself; I had developed my own coping mechanisms and techniques. But I had been alone. I had never met anyone else who had sight loss, and I was the rare exception for most people I encountered on a day to day basis. Through Haggeye and RNIB Connect I have discovered a community of mutual support, shared experiences, knowledge, understanding and friendship. I have been empowered to find ways to support myself and to support, strengthen and inspire our sight loss community. It doesn’t end there. RNIB has encouraged and helped me to get involved in their important work of raising awareness and building upon the progress of the past 150 years, which continues to open up new, exciting opportunities for people with sight loss in wider society.

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