Chloe Tear

Post date: 
Saturday, 1 September 2018

"Going to university with a visual impairment does make it harder at times, especially as my vision continues to deteriorate.

Chloe Tear wearing glasses and a patterned dress, smiling at the camera. A gold bar spans below the photo.

"As I study psychology and child development, I have to spend a lot of time reading journal articles and textbooks. This can take me a lot longer than other people. I have continued my studies with the help of magnifiers and text to speech software. Similarly, I have started to use a long cane which has allowed me to continue socialising with others, as well as to navigate around the university campus. I thoroughly enjoy my university experience and try to get involved with as many different things as possible. I recently took on the role of Disabilities Officer, and I hope to use my experiences to benefit all disabled students. I’ll also strive to raise awareness and increase understanding about the difficulties we can face."

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