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Saturday, 11 August 2018

"I got my first iPhone when I was a teenager, and I’ve never looked back.

Holly smiling at camera in front of a window, there are trees outside the window. A gold bar spans below the photo

"It's given me independence and means I can use a phone just like everyone else. Thousands of apps are available at my fingertips. I use my iPhone for navigating unfamiliar areas or getting to where I need to be. I can blog, check social media, browse the internet, respond to emails, read, listen to music, keep in contact with my friends, and so much more. VoiceOver on my iPhone has given the opportunity to use a phone just like my sighted friends and family. Apple’s accessibility features are fantastic. One thing I love is the fact that people with a visual impairment can use their products straight out the box with their accessibility features. I am forever grateful to Apple for their wonderful technology, as I couldn’t imagine my life without their products."

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