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Thursday, 15 November 2018
Jan Brereton

Jan talks about being a founding member of a tandem cycling club

As I sit comfortably at home writing this story, I’ve just read Talking Tandems latest WhatsApp chat on their exchange tour to Montpelier. I’m very proud to be one of their founding members. As a tandem cycling club it was set up by blind and partially sighted people who wanted to make cycling accessible to their peers through promoting the benefits of cycling for overall health and well-being. Reflecting on our 10 year history, I’ve noted that by cycling with sighted front riders we’ve taught them a lot about the perceived barriers that are faced by our riders. One of our stokers has become a para-cyclist and taken part in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and we’ve led the procession for Cycling UK’s Pedal on Parliament campaign. I personally can’t forget the tough Sustrans C2C cycle route when Team TT had many food stops with plenty of socialising to keep us pedalling up those hills! You never know what’s around that corner! Be proud to be you!

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