Post date: 
Thursday, 29 November 2018
Joe Kenny

Why does Joe want to apologise to RNIB?

To 10 year old me, a visit to the RNIB Resource Centre shop in Belfast, was a real treat. I vividly remember spending many an hour just wandering round the displays, exploring, touching, lifting things that talked and cost more than I could count at the time. We probably drove the staff working there up the walls with our questions and general disregard for their carefully co-ordinated displays. Worlds that were usually closed to you or described to you by a sighted other, became braille, audible and accessible. How to tell the time. New ways to read and write. Here’s that game that your cousins were playing last week but it’s now possible for you to play too. I was a blind kid but it opened my eyes and every visit kept reminding me that there was always solutions and more than anything, always somewhere to go and ask your questions to people who had those answers. A mischievous little pleasure of mine was to set the watch and clock alarms to all go off at the same time. Usually about an hour after we’d left and the poor RNIB staff member was probably enjoying a well-earned cup of tea and a biscuit. Thirty years on, I think it’s finally time to apologise for that... Sorry.

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