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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

"I can remember being unsure as to what career path I wanted to pursue once I qualified as a nurse.

John Cooper smiling at the camera wearing a blue t-shirt. A gold bar spans beneath the photo

"I had a conversation with a qualified colleague; she said, “have you thought about ophthalmic nursing”? Immediately I reflected upon the placement I had as a first year student nurse on the eye ward and how this had potentially influenced me. I recalled how wonderful it had been to watch cataract surgery, whereby in a few short minutes an individual could go from being poorly sighted to being able to see and equally how I was able to help those with visually-related issues. Subsequently, since qualifying, I have worked in the Manchester Royal Eye hospital for 26 years. I have been lucky enough to help many thousands of people with eye-related issues. I am so glad I had that conversation all those years ago."

Professionals like John are vital to supporting people with sight loss. Our Sight Loss Advisers help patients understand the impact of a diagnosis, providing them with emotional and practical support.