Ken Reid

Post date: 
Saturday, 28 July 2018

"150 words is barely enough to say why RNIB's Talking Books is so important to me.

Ken Reid on the back of a tandem bicycle cycling along the road and smiling. A gold bar spans below the photo.

"It only takes me a few years to read 150 books, and without them I'd not just miss reading, but the opportunity to share reading experiences with others. Simply, books change lives and I love talking books! Thanks to reading technology, I can read at more than 150 per cent of recording speed. Just one way that I can read books! I read whilst cooking, washing the dishes, ironing, watering the garden amongst 150 other things in daily life. I was delighted to support Talking Books by riding around the British Isles on a tandem in 2016. Bit more than 150 miles, actually more like 800, but all great fun meeting staff, volunteers and other talking book users - maybe 150 of them! Here's to another 150 years, another 150 books and more tandem miles!"

Find out more about RNIB's Talking Books service, it's completely free.