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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

"In 35 years of social​ work, the most rewarding piece of work that I’ve been involved in is leading the production of an information booklet for people newly certified as sight impaired or severely sight impaired.

Black and white portrait photo of Mark Godfrey. A gold bar spans beneath the photo

"The key principle was co-production and collaboration from the beginning with people living with sight loss and a range of third sector organisations. People shared their own stories, talked about the information that was important to them and what they thought was likely to be important for other people in similar circumstances. “Knowledge is power and information is liberating”, and when people come together sharing their experiences to help others, it is truly inspirational. I feel privileged to have met the people who participated, and proud to have been involved in a piece of work that will help improve the lives of thousands of people with sight loss for many years to come."

Our recently diagnosed page provides information and practical help for people coming to terms with a diagnosis.