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Monday, 22 October 2018
Matthew Clark

Matthew got to speak at the Scottish Parliament about our award-winning youth forum. 

“Congratulations Matthew, you’ve just spoken at The Scottish Parliament!” are words spoken to me by our Youth Development Officer.  I’d given my first Haggeye update, about our award-winning youth forum, to the Cross Party Group (CPG) on Visual Impairment. These words summed up that I’d done well, that RNIB was helping me stand up for myself and others with sight loss, and that we had a voice to share with decision makers. That moment resonates with and inspires me. Experience from Haggeye helped me successfully apply for an incredible internship at The Scottish Parliament this year. So I got to walk into the CPG, this time wearing a staff security pass, to inspire others with our work. Later this year, I supported and congratulated one of Haggeye’s new Members of Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP), as she made her first update to the CPG. Our journey and mission, hereby, continue!

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