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Thursday, 26 July 2018

"A life changing moment for me was when I got my bright purple and pink canes.

"Before this, I’d been quite shy about using my white cane, even though it had a pink handle, as to me it screamed ‘blind person’. It didn’t express my personality and, quite frankly, wasn’t ‘cool’ enough for me. I knew RNIB offered coloured canes, but I was worried about negative reactions or people not understanding it was still a mobility aid. I’m much more confident and happy to use my canes now, in unfamiliar or busy places when I need to. Not least because I get to co-ordinate them with my outfit every day, and I can channel my inner pop diva - Ariana Grande with my pink one! My coloured canes have made me a lot more confident, and I feel safer when travelling. No one can stop me going anywhere on my own now! "

Maya-Liam talks about the different coloured canes they use and why they prefer using them. Watch the video now: 

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