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Friday, 26 October 2018
Neville sits in a chair smiling and wearing his eye shield post surgery

Neville talks about cataract surgery and how it's improved his quality of life.

"Having cataracts surgery has improved things no end: colours are sharp and I can watch TV. At 87 you might think an operation is daunting, but it was very straightforward and I couldn’t feel a thing.

Information from RNIB’s Eye Health team helped me feel prepared and my optician helped me complete the necessary forms before going to hospital. No undressing, no needles – nothing to be worried about. I wore an eye shield for a few days after and took eye drops for a few weeks.

My tip for drops: shake the bottle, line it up using your upper eye lid as a guide, and make a well with your lower eyelid to catch the drops. Then, lean your head back and tap the bottom of the bottle so a few drops come out. Don’t squeeze it, that’s too fiddly! "