Robert Meikle

Post date: 
Monday, 23 July 2018

"My name's Robert, and what I see as such a small part of what I am now, is that I am visually impaired.

Robert Meikle selfie of him wearing sunglasses. A gold bar is beneath the photo.

"With that I’m outgoing, hardworking and I hold RNIB very near to my heart. As a volunteer, I’m constantly striving to do more. I struggled to accept my sight loss, as anyone would to begin with. But I truly believe everyone, regardless of sight loss, has potential and individuality. If I can give one piece of advice to anyone struggling with self-confidence, it would be to live, climb the mountain that is your sight loss, as once you accept it and live with independence, the view is much better once you reach the top. Believe in yourself. Get involved with RNIB too, if you can. It’s RNIB I can thank for supporting me in order to live independently with confidence and self-belief. "

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