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Saturday, 8 December 2018
Terry Robinson

Terry explains how he wants to continue to support people with sight loss.

Having survived 26 years of full time employment, I realised my job was disappearing. Everything had become too visual and the company I worked for was in poor health. I decided to go self-employed in 2000, creating Describe Online. This seemed an excellent way to solve problems, help others and, of course, maintain a living. My aim was to enrol more visually impaired people into the business. Unfortunately this didn’t happen, but I hope my successors will achieve this. Since retiring last year, I’ve kept myself busy with hobbies, RNIB committee work (including the Forth Valley Sensory Centre) and as Convenor of Inclusion Scotland. I owe much of this to the support I’ve received from RNIB during my formative years. I hope that I can continue to put something back in for the benefit of others. DIY instruction is something I’d like to do given the chance.

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