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Thursday, 2 August 2018

"I started volunteering with RNIB 12 years ago after seeing an advert in the paper.

Vicky Todd smiling at the camera with green plant in the background. A gold bar spans beneath the photo.

"Having spent the years since my retirement looking after my mother, it appealed to me as a way of keeping busy. I’m one of the charity’s army of Sooty box collectors, distributing the boxes around my local area before collecting them and banking the money donated. Since I started, I have collected over £178,000 for RNIB through the boxes – Geordies are very generous! Being a Sooty box collector suits me perfectly because it’s so flexible. I can fit it in around whatever else is going on, as well as the weather forecast. While doing this I have met so many lovely people and struck up many friendships. I’d encourage anyone to have a go at a voluntary role – it’s so rewarding and I’ll be helping RNIB for as long as I’m able to carry on."

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