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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Wendy talks about the support she received from RNIB when she started to lose her sight.

A few years ago my new glasses seemed wrong and I couldn’t see clearly. My optician said nothing so I went elsewhere and found things were wrong with my sight! I was sent for a cataract operation, but this was not successful and I needed laser treatment which was helpful. My other eye is almost without vision. RNIB was so helpful and put me in touch with a low vision clinic in Devon who knew exactly what I needed. Sunlight blinds me and in the dark I see nothing. I started going to London for research and they found my particular condition. I still go now for the students to study my eyes. I recently heard about the Deaf Blind Society, and after visiting them I decided to swim a blind mile, 64 lengths, to raise funds for them. I’ve raised £900 to date.

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