The Dark Experience

We’ll take your team to a place where everyone discovers their limitations and what it takes to overcome them.

What is the Dark Experience?

The dark experience is designed for any organisation looking to strengthen their team and develop their understanding of sight loss.

The day long course is split in to three elements that we’re able to tailor to meet your specific needs.


The Dark Experience

The core event. In total darkness participants go on a journey with only a long cane to help them navigate.

Relying on their other senses and the support of colleagues, participants experience the non-stop problem-solving that people with sight loss undertake every day.

Dine in the dark

A treat for the senses, an obstical course in every other respect!

Simple tasks like ordering food or finding it on a plate bring unexpected challenges. Participants learn how to help each other overcome them. 

Understanding sight loss

Learn practical ways your organisation can support people with sight loss, as we dispel many of the myths and stereotypes.