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Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) Understanding Charles Bonnet Syndrome

CBS causes people who’ve lost a lot of vision to see things that aren’t really there

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Connect with others affected by sight loss: RNIB Connect is a growing community that brings together everyone affected by sight loss including blind and partially sighted people, their families, friends and carers.

We are seeking volunteers from the community who are passionate about excellent customer service.

Natalie - Moderator Replies: 1

Calling all young people with sight loss, we need your help to develop the connect community to represent people like yourself. I would love to hear your suggestions on how we can do this, if you have any ideas or opinions I would love to hear them. We would like to...

Cyreeta Replies: 2

I have recently been fitted with a scleral contact lens at Moorfields eye hospital to help with my near vision, and so far things are going pretty well. I was wondering if there are any other members who wear these type of lenses, and if so, what are your experiences...

Rob123 Replies: 4

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