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Corporate partners

By partnering with RNIB, your organisation can play a fundamental role in creating a fairer society for blind and partially sighted people, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Image: Matthew Clark from his shoulders up, smiling.

Every day 250 people begin to lose their sight in the UK. In our lifetime, sight loss will double, affecting up to 500 people a day: that's one person every three minutes. Unless we act now, we will continue to see barriers stopping blind and partially sighted people from thriving.

We take a bespoke holistic approach to partnering, considering your brand, culture, CSR and Inclusion agendas.

Some of the support we've provided to corporate partners recently includes:

  • educating staff on a better understanding of sight loss so they take care of their eyes better
  • creating social change by helping us remove outdated stereotypes on what blind and partially sighted people can do
  • fundraising through Charity of the Year, strategic partnerships, appeals, cause-related marketing, Payroll Giving, residual client funds, corporate grants and sponsorship
  • customer base synergy if your customers are 40+ they are more likely to be affected by sight loss, together we can keep them thriving
  • other valued support such as gifts in kind, pro bono support, volunteering skilled teams into our organisation or supporting our community growth plans.

In return we offer:

  • a dedicated account manager that has access to all our organisational resources
  • support on a localised level from our regional fundraising, volunteer and campaigns teams
  • a variety of inspirational and engaging stories
  • the potential to access a wide range of platforms such as our award-winning Connect Radio and strong social media platforms
  • fun, employee engaging, positive PR generating, rewarding feel good partnerships that will meet your social responsibility goals.

Support or partner with RNIB

To find out more please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0207 874 1334

To find out more about corporate volunteering opportunities, please visit the Corporate Volunteering webpage.

Consumer brands, retail and supermarket partners


Coca-Cola teamed up with RNIB to make its multipacks of cans accessible for people with sight loss, just in time for Christmas 2022.

The packs feature NaviLens technology which enables blind and partially sighted shoppers to access key product information via their smartphone by scanning the unique codes on the side of the pack.

Find out more about Coca-Cola and NaviLens
The CocaCola logo.

The Coca-Cola logo.