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Northern Ireland

Two people, one of whom has a cane, walking past Belfast City Hall.

Two people walking down street outside Belfast City Hall. One person holds a long cane and is being guided by another person holding shopping bags.

We’re the Royal National Institute of Blind People in Northern Ireland (RNIB NI) and we’re here for everyone affected by sight loss.

If you or someone in your life has experienced sight loss, are blind or partially sighted, we offer a wide range of services, support and information to help.

Working with our supporters and partners, we’re changing wider society to create a world where sight loss isn’t a barrier to living life to the full. We want to make every day better for anyone affected by sight loss in Northern Ireland from providing practical and emotional support at the point of diagnosis, advice on employment, and campaigning for change, to advice on useful products and technology.

UK General Election 2024

Ahead of the general election on 4 July, RNIB has been working with the Electoral Commission to produce a handy guide to voting for people with sight loss.

You can download a Word version or an audio version using the links below.

From types of ID required, to what to expect in the polling station, we hope you find the answer in this guide. If you have further questions or queries, contact the RNIB External Affairs team in Northern Ireland by email at [email protected] or by calling the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 and ask to speak to one of the team in NI.