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Navigating sight loss

If you've been diagnosed with sight loss we have resources and guidance to support you to live the life you want.

In this section

Coming to terms with sight loss

If you have been diagnosed with sight loss, there will be a period of adjustment and loss from the life you used to have to the life you have now.

Mental wellbeing resources

Our Sight Loss Advice Service can give you emotional support to help you face the future with confidence. Find out about what services we offer below.

Sight loss and wellbeing

RNIB Sight Loss Advice Service can provide emotional and mental health support to help you deal with the uncertainty of living with sight loss.

Guiding a blind or partially sighted person

The practical advice and information given here will help you feel confident about guiding people with sight loss.

Education and learning

Information on education and learning for education professionals, children with vision impairment and blind or partially sighted young people.

Assistive technology

An RNIB guide to what assistive technology options are available for employees with sight loss.

RNIB Products for Life stores

Our Products for Life Store consultations are a great way of finding out about the products we offer, and give you the chance to try and view before you buy.

Living Well with Sight Loss courses

RNIB’s free, informal, community-based courses provide information, advice, support and practical solutions for people adjusting to sight loss and those close to them.

Eye Health Information team

Our friendly and helpful Eye Health Information team can help you understand your eye condition or the eye condition of someone you know.

Eye Care Liaison Officers (ECLOs)

Eye Care Liaison Officers (ECLOs, also known as Eye Clinic Liaison Officers) offer emotional support and practical advice about coming to terms with sight loss, and can refer someone to other services.