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93 per cent of people who are registered blind or partially sighted can see something

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Our benefits calculator can help you work out exactly what you're entitled to

Connect with others affected by sight loss: RNIB Connect is a growing community that brings together everyone affected by sight loss including blind and partially sighted people, their families, friends and carers.

The Board of Trustees invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RNIB, to be held from 9:30 until 11:00 on 9 November 2017 at 105 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE.

Natalie - Moderator Replies: 2

Getting out and about and using public transport can be challenging for a lot of people who don't drive. I myself can find it a major hurdle on a daily basis and find that although some people are helpful and friendly, this is not always the case.

Jessica_Moderator Replies: 8

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