Annual review and annual reports

Our annual review summarises our key achievements. It brings to life the impact of our work on the lives of people with sight loss.

Annual review 2013/14

This annual review marks the end of the last year of our 2009/14 plan. It is impossible to sum up all of our successes over the last five years but here are just some of the many of which we are proud. 

Download our annual review:

RNIB Group annual report and financial statements 2013/14

The RNIB Group annual report and financial statements includes:

  • an overview of some of our major achievements
  • feedback on the year and the targets we set for our work in 2013/14
  • an introduction to our 2014/19 strategy and our goals for the coming year
  • feedback from some of the people who have benefitted from our work this year
  • a review of our finances and how we've coped with financial challenges

Within this report there are a number of links to content outside the annual report and financial statements.

This content is not covered by the statutory audit report.

What do you think of our report?

Please take two minutes to complete our annual report survey and tell us what you think about our annual report and review. Even if you haven't read them, your feedback is very important to us.

Annual reviews and reports for past years

Film review of the year 2012/13

Part of our annual review includes a film about people’s experience of RNIB. In this film they talk about how we’ve made an impact on their lives. We think this is the best introduction to our work over the last year.
None of our vital work would be possible without your fantastic commitment. Thank you

Read our annual review for 2012/13

Download our annual review:

Annual review and report 2011/12

This review and report includes an introduction from RNIB Chair Kevin Carey, and RNIB Chief Executive Lesley-Anne Alexander, which is taken from the audio version of the annual review.

Annual review and report 2010/11

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