Access barriers to buses have to be fixed. Our "Stop for me, Speak to me" bus campaign aims to secure major progress from bus operators on the crucial access issues.

Two years ago the EU passed legislation that would increase rights for disabled bus passengers, including mandatory disability awareness training for drivers. However, the UK Government has delayed implementing this legislation, and are currently reviewing when they should introduce it. Almost 300 of our campaigners wrote to the Minister for Transport to tell her how important it is that this vital legislation is introduced.

At the same time as our national work on this area, we regularly run local 'Swap with me' events across the country. At these sessions, campaigners talk to bus drivers about what would make the service better, and bus drivers themselves wear sim-specs while trying to board a bus to understand a little more about the challenges that can present themselves when you have a sight condition. 

Our bus charter

Alongside our campaigners, we've created a "We're On Board" bus charter that sets out a list of commitments that we'd like bus operators to agree to. We believe the points covered in the charter will help improve travel for blind and partially sighted people.

Have things improved?

We ran a survey to find out if bus travel has improved for blind and partially sighted people.

Watch Diane's mystery shopper video

Diane Marks, RNIB Volunteer Campaigns Co-ordinator in the South East, has recorded a short film which we hope will inspire campaigners to mystery shop their local bus services.

Bus campaign news

Bus travel is a lifeline for blind and partially sighted people across the country in order to lead independent and fulfilled lives. We want all bus drivers to stop for, and speak to their blind and partially sighted passengers. 

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