Access barriers to buses have to be fixed. Our "Stop for me, Speak to me" bus campaign aims to secure major progress from bus operators on the crucial access issues.

Bus services can be the only way to get around for blind and partially sighted people but eight out of ten respondents to a recent RNIB survey said they often missed the bus they want because they could not see to hail it down and over half said they struggled to get vital information like route number and destination from bus drivers. 

Get involved in our bus campaign this summer!

Are buses stopping for you or do they still drive past? Have bus drivers become more helpful or do you still struggle to communicate with them?
The information you give us will help us take the campaign forward and provide “snap shot” evidence we will use when seeking change from bus operators. We want to hear about your recent experiences using buses so if you’ve not been on a bus recently why not take a trip somewhere and then let us know how it went? The survey will run until September 10th so you have plenty of time to plan some journeys over the summer and then complete the survey.
Complete the survey online 
(We are aware that Guide software does not always work well with modern websites like surveymonkey. Sadly this is due to Guide no longer being updated. All other access software should work with surveymonkey. If you have any difficulties please call us on 020 73912123)
Watch Diane's mystery shopper video

Diane Marks, RNIB Volunteer Campaigns Co-ordinator in the South East, has recorded a short film to inspire seasoned and new campaigners to mystery shop their local bus services in the Summer.


Get involved with the bus campaign

The fortnight of action pack contains a few ideas to get you started on your own bus campaign. Download the document today:

'Stop for me, speak to me' 2014 fortnight of action resource pack (Word, 192KB)