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Every day 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight. Yet over 50 per cent of sight loss can be avoided.

We campaign to prevent avoidable sight loss through:

Reverse NHS England's decision to block treatments for children and adults with severe refractory uveitis

We are very pleased that NHS England has now published its commissioning policy recommending the use of Humira in children with severe refractory uveitis.
However, there are still restrictions for the children who don’t respond to Humira and need access to the alternative treatment of Remicade. We are also still waiting for a decision on adults with severe refractory uveitis - RNIB believes it is very important that all patients are given full access to the full range of sight saving treatments available.
Please join our fight and write to NHS England expressing your concerns and calling on them to reverse their decision.

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We campaign on issues that matter to blind and partially sighted people, including access to sight saving treatments and challenging avoidable sight loss.

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