Eye health campaigning

Every day 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight. Yet over 50 per cent of sight loss can be avoided. 


We campaign to prevent avoidable sight loss through:

  • increasing access to new treatments
  • improving the delivery of eye care services locally
  • encouraging people to look after their eye health
  • pushing eye health higher up the NHS and political agendas.

Reverse NHS England's decision to block treatments for children and adults with severe refractory uveitis

In July 2015, NHS England decided they will not routinely provide Humira and Remicade for severe refractory (unmanageable) uveitis. We believe this decision is wrong and that many children and adults will needlessly go blind without these treatments.

Leaving children and adults to lose their sight needlessly when a treatment option exists must not be allowed to happen. This is why we are calling on you to help us take action.

Please join our fight and write to NHS England expressing your concerns and calling on them to reverse their decision

Eye health campaign news

We campaign on issues that matter to blind and partially sighted people, including access to sight saving treatments and challenging avoidable sight loss.

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