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Hi folks,
I'm SSI and find watchinTV a bit of a bigger. I saw TV Glasses advertised on, I think, the Optolec website for 40 quid and thought they might help. Has anyone tried them or something similar? Any cop?

Mark S Replies: 5

Audiobooks are pretty much my only form of entertainment. I get my ears full of popular music, that holds no particular interest for me, whilst I am working out at the local gym (at which I am the token blind guy and usually very carefully ignored)! A few years ago,...

BlindAlley Replies: 8

As part of the ongoing drive to help visually impaired people into work, a small group is considering the issues and challenges that can make life difficult when it comes to setting up your own business. If you are self-employed or in the process of setting up as self...

Nick Replies: 3

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