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  • EU launches a 3-year audio description project


    It is exactly two years since ADLAB, a European project focused entirely on the audio description of film for the blind and visually impaired community, came to an end, acknowledged for its best practices and awarded the status of success story. It was coordinated by the University of Trieste, and now a new project ADLAB PRO, the natural successor to ADLAB, has been launched.

  • Channel 4 launches an accessibility survey


    Channel 4 is committed to making their programmes and services accessible to all their viewers. The broadcaster currently provides access services (that’s Subtitles, Signing and Audio Description) across their channels for people with sight and/or hearing loss. They’ve made a voluntary commitment to subtitle 100 per cent of their programmes on TV and audio describe 20 per cent of programmes this year.

  • Your Views on Improving Access to Culture


    Queen’s University Belfast are working on a new project called ACT which aims to improve access to culture for all.

  • Seeing With Your Ears Talk in York


    Two university researchers are to present how audio description tracks for people affected by sight loss can be made more engaging and spatially accurate.

  • BBC Launches iPlayer Kids App


    The BBC have recently launched an iPlayer app for children on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire called iPlayer Kids. This app will put children in control of watching and streaming age-appropriate shows in a safe and add-free environment.

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