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Virtual Employment Workshops launched on Action for Blind People's website
If you are a blind or partially sighted job seeker, or someone who is losing their sight and wants to remain in work, these videos provide information and advice that can help. Topics covered range from where to look for jobs and how to prepare for interviews to how other blind and partially sighted people have found employment. Watch the videos on Action for Blind People's website.

Employment success stories from Northern Ireland
"This, IS working in Northern Ireland" tells the story of 11 men and women who are blind or partially sighted. They are working in a wide range of jobs, supporting themselves and their families, contributing to their employer's success and using their energies and talents to further the wealth and wellbeing of our society.

"Living with more vision and less sight" A collection of observations from a lemonade maker
Ten years ago Steph Cutler heard the news she was going to experience sight loss and threw an 'I'm going to go blind' party! This year she has written an eBook to celebrate her tenth anniversary of being visually impaired.

Speak to an employment mentor
If you are a blind or partially sighted person looking for work, or hoping to retain your job, it can be helpful to talk to someone who has been through the challenges you face. We have teamed up with the American Foundation of the Blind to offer a free mentoring service, which puts you directly in touch with a mentor in your field of interest.

World Blind Union launch employment resource
Do you want help planning your career? The World Blind Union recently launched Project Aspiro - a career planning and employment website for people who are blind or partially sighted as well as service providers, friends and family, and employers.

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