Using technology

Being able to use computers, mobile phones and other gadgets for work, leisure and keeping in contact are key tools for blind and partially sighted people.

We've gathered lots of information and point to you many more resources you can use to learn about and keep up to date with technology. eBooks are a big topic in technology, and are covered in the Reading section of our website.

Technology for life

Listen to blind and partially sighted people of all ages explain how technology has made their lives easier

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You'll also find technology news, reviews and events in our TechKnowMore blog. The TechKnowMore blog also features our Website of the Month and App of the Month.

Technology Support Squad

If you've recently bought a technology product, but you're having difficulty using it, call RNIB's Technology Support Squad. Our team of 800 volunteers from across the UK can help you set up and get to grips with technology for free. From TVs and computers through to mobile phones and eBook readers, we can give you advice over the phone or visit you at home. Visit our Technology Support Squad webpage or call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 to find out more or request a free volunteer.

Need help with technology and gadgets?

Our team of volunteers can set up, fix problems and help you use your technology and gadgets.

Find out about our Technology Support Squad