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Accessible information

  • Making NHS information accessible

    During September, we held three workshops with NHS England as part of their consultation on the accessible information standard. The standard will compel health and social care service providers to record patients’ communication needs (such as alternative formats) and to provide them.

  • West Midlands campaigners have their say on NHS accessible information

    On 23 September campaigners attended a workshop in Birmingham about NHS England's accessible information standard.The accessible information standard is being developed to make sure that health and social care providers have a systematic approach to recording and responding to patients' communication and information needs.

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Bus campaigning

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Education campaigning

  • Government ensures inspection of SEND services

    On 17 December the Department for Education announced that Ofsted will be asked to formally inspect local areas on their effectiveness for providing appropriate support for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

  • SEND reform resources

    We have produced documents to support families and the professionals who work with them in the implementation of the Children and Families Act 2014 and the SEND Code of Practice.

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Employment campaigns

  • Improving Access to Work for disabled people

    We at RNIB strongly support the Access to Work scheme because it enables blind and partially sighted people of working age to become economically active and independent. On 19 December 2014, the Work and Pensions Select Committee released a report about how the Access to Work scheme is currently working, and how it can be improved.

  • Speaking to the Work and Pensions Select Committee about Access to Work

    On Tuesday 2 November, RNIB's Fazilet Hadi spoke to the Work and Pensions Select Committee on Employment support for disabled people: Access to Work.

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The Eye pod tour

  • The Eye pod visits Barnsley

    On 13 March 2014 we took the Eye Pod to a meeting of the Governing Body for Barnsley NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

  • Eye Pod at South Essex College

    On 9 and 10 December 2013 the Eye Pod was exhibited at the Cross Campus of South Essex College of Further and Higher Education as part of a disability awareness week organised by the Sensory Support Team.

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Protecting welfare support

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Save our sight

  • Don’t miss out on inspecting and improving your local health services

    Over the coming months there’s an opportunity to drive improvements at your local health services through Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE).

  • Recognising local needs

    In order to set their budgets, councils and local NHS commissioners need to predict where their money is going to be needed. Joint Strategic Needs Assessments assess the health needs of their local population so officers can plan ahead. We've been working to ensure these reflect eye health locally.

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Sight loss advisers

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Social care

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Talking ATMs

  • Great blog and video from Barclay's about talking ATMs

    Barclay's bank have put up a great blog on their website explaining how they came on board with the Talking ATMs campaign and led the sector in introducing the facility across their network.

  • Try a talking ATM

    At the end of October 2013 RNIB South East members got the opportunity to try a Co-Op talking ATM at a forum event.

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Envision network

  • Blind dates in European Parliament

    RNIB staff, volunteers and members of our Envision network attended and took part in the European Blind Union (EBU) “blind date” event in the European Parliament over 11 and 12 November.

  • Envision steering group met on 23 October 2014

    The latest Envision steering group meeting was held at our Judd Street office on 23 October in order for the group to plan the next stages of the network’s coffee shop campaign and to think about the next campaign and elections to the next steering group.

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Other campaigning

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East of england

Campaigning news from the East of England 

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East midlands

Campaigning news from the East midlands 

  • Mystery shopping Nottingham Capital FM Arena

    Campaigners across Nottingham and Leicester have been taking advantage of the new and improved services at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena.

  • Audio announcements reinstated on Loughborough bus route

    18 months ago, due to local authority budget cuts, Kinch Bus removed their audio announcements on the Loughborough University bus service. After working with the operator, they have reinstated and updated this announcements on the service.

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Campaigning news from London

  • British Transport Police commit to accessible ID badges

    Following years of campaigning, our London volunteer campaigner Mohammed Mohsan Ali has succeeded in his campaign to get the British Transport Police to present information on their ID badges in braille!

  • RNIB win battle of Waterloo

    We did it! We’ve reversed South West Trains’ decision to turn off audio announcements at Waterloo.

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North east

Campaigning news from the North East 

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North west

Campaigning news from the North west 

  • Steve Rotheram MP visits ECLO at Aintree Hospital

    On 17 October, Steve Rotheram, MP for Liverpool Walton, joined us alongside Bradbury Fields, who deliver services for blind and partially sighted people across Merseyside, to talk about the need for people to be given support when diagnosed with a sight condition.

  • MP learns of difficulties faced by people with sight loss in Sale

    RNIB campaigner, Nick Goodwin invited his local MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, local councillors and Police Officers to take part in a blindfold walk around Sale on 12 September.

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South east

Campaigning news from the South east 

  • Sight loss advisers offer support and advice

    Save Southampton’s ECLO service

    We’re working alongside colleagues from Action for Blind People and Southampton Sight and Opensight to protect the local Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) service which has been removed due to budget cuts.

  • Go Coach sign up to ‘We’re on board’ bus charter

    Go-Coach, the Sevenoaks based bus operator has become the latest operator to sign up to RNIB’s ‘We’re on board’ bus charter.

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South west

Campaigning news from the South west 

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West midlands

Campaigning news from the West midlands 

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Yorkshire and humber

Campaigning news from Yorkshire and Humber

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Europe and worldwide

Campaigning news from Europe and worldwide

  • Blind dates in European Parliament

    RNIB staff, volunteers and members of our Envision network attended and took part in the European Blind Union (EBU) “blind date” event in the European Parliament over 11 and 12 November.

  • Success at the EU! Public bodies must ensure goods they buy are accessible

    After lobbying for over five years, in mid-January we finally won a longstanding campaign in Europe. New EU rules will now require all public authorities which make large purchases (€100,000-750,000 depending on level of authority) of equipment to ensure that the goods are accessible for disabled people.

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