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    New Work and Pensions Secretary promises 'no plans' for further welfare cuts


    We were really pleased to hear on 21 March that the government has chosen not to proceed with any of the proposed changes to PIP. On top of this, Stephen Crabb MP told Parliament, that ‘we have no further plans to make welfare savings’. Find out more about the announcement.

  • Victory in defending PIP for people with sight loss!


    We’re absolutely thrilled that the Government has withdrawn its proposals to reduce PIP entitlement by changing the rules on the use of aids and appliances. This is fantastic news, thank you so much to everyone who took action on the campaign.

  • Defeat over proposed cut to ESA


    On 29 February, the Welfare Reform and Work Bill went back to the House of Lords. Unfortunately MPs rejected the further changes to the Bill made by the Lords on 2 March and the Lords have voted to accept this.

  • ESA update - campaigning continues as House of Commons narrowly votes to retain proposed cuts


    On Tuesday evening MPs narrowly voted to ignore the House of Lords and put the proposed cut to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) back into the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. This disagreement means that the Bill will be sent back to the House of Lords, a process known as Ping Pong during which both Houses try to find a way forward on which they can agree. It also means that our campaigning continues!

  • Victory in the Lords over proposed cut to ESA


    The House of Lords has voted against a proposed cut to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) following intensive lobbying by RNIB campaigners.

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