RNIB Helpline

The RNIB Helpline is here to support you with a range of services.

There's so much the Helpline can do for you, your friends and family. All you need is one number.

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Find out all the different ways the RNIB Helpline can support you by phone or email. 

Telephone: 0303 123 9999 open from 8am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 1pm Saturdays.

Email: helpline@rnib.org.uk

How the Helpline can support you

We aim to help you with any questions or enquiries you have by offering the following services, which are all available through the Helpline.

In depth advice and support

Our friendly Advice Service team are here to provide a listening ear and are trained to give specialist advice to anyone affected by sight loss.

Understanding eye health and eye conditions

Get information on a particular eye condition, the effects and what can be done to help with help from our Eye Information Service

Benefits appeals, community care and discrimination

If you need any information on legal rights, our dedicated Legal Rights Service can give you advice and, where possible, formal representation.  

Emotional support and counselling

If you’re finding it hard to come to terms with feelings about sight loss, our trained counsellors are here to listen and offer support.

Benefits, Consessions and Tax advice

Get in touch with the Tax Advice Service if you need any help with tax and benefit issues, including Blind Person’s Allowance.

Make friends and socialise

Take part in our telephone social groups offered by RNIB Talk and Support to help make new friends. 

Get tech savvy

Find out how technology can transform your life whether you’re blind or partially sighted.

Explore reading choices

If you're struggling to read because of your sight we've got plenty of reading solutions, whatever your tastes and reading preferences.

Get advice on products

Advice on products that support independent living, both in the home and out and about.

*Calls cost no more than a standard rate call to 01 or 02 numbers and count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. The price of calls varies between different service providers, including between landline and mobile companies. 

Please note that we record all our calls for training and quality purposes.