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Imagine the simple convenience of being able to read today's paper or any of over 100 magazines anywhere and anytime you want, on something as handy as your mobile phone! This is exactly what you could do if you subscribe to our Online Newsagent Service.

You have a choice in how you access our online newsagent. You can subscribe to our full text service and access as many titles as you like for a single annual subscription of £39. These can be delivered direct to your email inbox, as they are published or you can download directly from our web pages. A full list of titles is available to browse.

Or, if you prefer a real voice to a synthetic one, you can choose to download a title as an audio file in MP3 format. This format features a selection of the main content of the print title. Our MP3 audio download subscription is £59 per year.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to both our text and audio download service for a single annual fee of £84. Choose the best option to suit you.

What can I get?

We have all the UK national papers - The Sun, Mirror, The Mail, Express, Guardian, Independent, Times, Star and FT

  • The Sunday papers - Sunday Times, Observer, Mail on Sunday to name but a few
  • A growing selection of local and regional papers - for cities including Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Ipswich, London, Manchester and many more as well as regional titles such as Eastern, Daily Press, Irish Times, Lancashire Evening Post and The Scotsman
  • Top magazines including the BBC titles such as History, Good Food, Top Gear and Music as well as titles for technology, sport and of course ones such as Readers' Digest and Which
  • Special interest titles such as the New Scientist, London Theatre Listings, Waterways World and The Economist.

In the full text service, you get all the good content from every title but not things like the adverts. Adverts are produced separately from the main text of the paper and aren't available to us in a format we can make accessible. All our audio titles feature selected highlights of the print version.

How does it work?

If you want titles to be sent to your email inbox, then just tell us which ones. Then, when you receive our emails, open the attachment in your internet browser by just pressing enter on it and read!

If you are using screenreading software, such as Jaws, Zoomtext or NVDA you can skip easily around the content by using the quick keys to jump to the next heading. Each article or section is marked as a heading so you can skim through to find the things you want to read first really quickly.

But don't take our word for it. Take a listen to our demo where we show you just how easy it is.

Then give it a try by visiting our free trial page on our website. You can choose from a selection of recent publications which you can download and read on your PC or mobile phone.

Of course there may be some publications you don't necessarily want to read every day or every month but just get a copy from time to time. You can do this easily by visiting our website and browsing through the virtual newsagent shelves and simply downloading any title you fancy, to your phone or PC.

For more information on our Online Newsagent, call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

Do you miss your favourite magazine?

If there is something you would like to read, which isn't available yet, let us know and we'll contact the publisher. We do need their agreement to make these publications accessible, so help us make sure they know some of their customers are currently missing out and want to read their titles. For more, you can email or complete our online contact form.


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