• Campaigners take action on A-boards in Northumberland


    Northumberland campaigners have sent a hard-hitting report on pavement hazards to local councillors and MPs to highlight the obstructions they face on a daily basis.

  • New campaigns group for Milton Keynes


    South East Volunteer Campaigns Coordinator, Padma Cheriyan organised and hosted the launch of a new campaigning group for Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

  • Sunderland campaigner scores bus success


    Regional bus operator Go North East has committed to improve bus journeys for blind and partially sighted passengers in Sunderland – thanks to the work of a local campaigner.

  • More support needed for disabled children


    A new report out by Every Disabled Child Matters - a coalition we belong to that campaigns for the needs of disabled children, young people and their families - is calling on political parties to commit to addressing the needs of disabled children and young people ‘right from the start’.

  • VI awareness training starts at Nottingham Capital FM Arena


    Regional Campaigns Officer for the East Midlands, Claire Lawrence, begins training the staff at Nottingham Capital Arena in Visual Awareness in early January to continue to improve the service offered to the Arena's customers with sight loss.

  • The latest on ending the “book famine”


    In Marrakech on 28 June 2013, a long standing campaign RNIB had been coordinating came to a successful end. Well, sort of... the UN adopted a landmark copyright treaty to enhance access to books for millions of blind or partially sighted people. However, for the UK to be able to use the Treaty, the EU must ratify it. But 18 months after the Treaty was agreed, this has still not happened.

  • Kinch bus roll out talking buses across entire fleet


    After a long and hard fought campaign, Kinch bus in Loughborough is finally launching their talking bus service throughout their entire fleet thanks to the hard work of our Leicestershire campaigners.

  • British Transport Police commit to accessible ID badges


    Following years of campaigning, our London volunteer campaigner Mohammed Mohsan Ali has succeeded in his campaign to get the British Transport Police to present information on their ID badges in braille!

  • Campaigning for a crossing in Essex


    One of our Essex volunteer campaigners, Jean Rice, is busy campaigning for a crossing in her local area of Rochford.

  • Local campaigners and Hull local society secure review of rehabilitation support


    Local campaigners, our Regional Campaigns Officer for Yorkshire and Humber, and Hull and East Riding Institute for the Blind have successfully campaigned for better rehabilitation support in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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