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Find out more about different ways to read, what to read and products to help you read as well as the latest young people magazines! 

RNIB reading support and resources

Visit our reading section for information about different ways to read (such as ebooks, large print and audio books), what to read (such as books, newspapers, magazines, and websites) and products to help you read. 

Also visit the RNIB National Library Service which has books in various accessible formats available to loan.  

Right to Read

Three million people in the UK are being denied the right to read just because they have a sight problem or print reading disability. A shocking 96 per cent of books are not available in large print, audio or braille. We want to change that. In the past young people have been involved in this campaigning activity.

Find out more about Right to Read.


Find out about this exciting new reading format, which has the potential to open up a world of reading in accessible formats. Our e-books and digital section has loads of information to get you started.

Newspapers and magazines

National Talking Newspapers and Magazines

Want to read the latest newspapers and magazines, then you've come to the right place. Imagine having an 'accessible' newsagent in your high street, that's National Talking Newspapers and Magazines (NTNM)! They have been running since 1974 and deliver over 230 top publications in an accessible format to suit you! 

From travel and sport to cooking, you can find a magazine to suit your interests. You can view the latest catalogue now!

Magazines for young people!

  • AQUILA is a general knowledge monthly magazine for children aged between 7 and 12 produced by National Talking Newspapers and Magazines (NTNM). To find out more visit National Talking Newspapers and Magazines.
  • First News is the only weekly newspaper for young people in the UK. It is now the widest-read children's publication with over 1 million readers every week! First News journalists provide up-to-date, insightful and dynamic articles on a range of subjects from entertainment to politics, sport to science which are relevant to an audience spanning 7-14 year olds. To find out more visit the First News website. 

You can receive an annual subscription to National Talking Newspapers and Magazines for £39 allowing you access to First News, Aquila and hundreds of other newspapers and magazines.

For more on this service, call 0303 123 9999 from Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.30pm. Outside these times, leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email or complete our online contact form.

RNIB magazines for young people

RNIB publish a selection of magazines in a range of formats including braille and email, that contain all of the lifestyle, fashion, real-life, health and wellbeing stuff that you'd expect in a regular monthly mag. Magazines include:

  • Blast off is for 7 to 11 year old boys and girls.
  • Missy is for 12 ot 16 year old girls.
  • Pure for 16 to 19 year old girls.

There is also a range of magazines on specific sports and hobbies, like football, cricket, music, IT, and puzzle and game books. 

Visit our online shop to find out more and order your copy!  


Do you like writing about your experiences?
We would love to feature your experiences on our website or in Insight magazine, which is for professionals and parents supporting children and young people with visual impairment.

Email to find out about current topics.

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