UK celebrates once again with success in the 2016 Onkyo Braille Essay Contest!

23 year old Megan Paul, a braille user from Cheltenham has won the top junior prize in the World Braille Essay Contest

Every year, the International Onkyo Braille competition looks for winning essays on braille. Writers from the UK enter the European leg of the competition. Over the years there’s been some beautifully crafted and inspirational pieces of poetry and prose written by users, students, teachers, transcribers and parents. All of whom have been touched by braille in one way or another.  This year was no different.

UK continues its winning run!

For the third year running the UK is celebrating winning the top junior prize in the prestigious essay competition. The European jury considered 51 essays from 19 different countries and decided that Megan Paul should receive $1,000 dollars from the Japanese sponsors for her essay on the upside of her life with braille entitled ‘The Bumpy Road’. She comments ‘It's clear that being a braille reader gives you a different outlook on life. Who else reads all the boxes in the pharmacy just because they can?’.

The writing from our 2014 winner, Brandon Hulcoop also caught the judges eye once again, as he secured a Highly Commended for his innovative essay where he interviewed his family members on their different views on braille. The winning essays area available to read below:

The other winning European essays are of an excellent standard and are a fascinating insight into people’s lives from Countries such as Romania, Ukraine and Germany. They can be found on the EBU website.

Be Inspired

The other essays selected to represent the UK in this year’s European final can be read below. 

NB: All essays are reproduced by the kind permission of the European Blind Union.

How to enter next years’ competition

We are hoping that Onkyo (A Japanese technology company) will continue to sponsor this competition.  We are usually notified of their intent in the month of February. 

If you would like to receive notification of the competition as soon as soon as it is confirmed then please send your contact details to

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