Benefits for older people

Discover the benefits you may be able to claim if you are an older person who is blind or partially sighted

Attendance Allowance

If you are a pensioner, and you have a sight problem, you may have all sorts of extra expenses. So it can be a real help to have some extra money coming in. You may need to use a taxi to get out and about, or perhaps you pay someone to come in to help with your personal care, or to read or reply to mail for you. Attendance Allowance can help you with these extra costs.

To claim Attendance Allowance, you must be 65 or over. If you are aged 16 to 64, you can apply for Personal Independence Payment instead.

Pension Credit

Pension Credit helps you top up the money you earn if you have a relatively low income. You may even get it if you have some savings and a modest retirement income, and it can be paid on top of your state retirement pension.

Other benefits and concessions for older blind and partially sighted people

There are a number of concessions that you may be entitled to because of your age or sight loss or both.

  • You can get free NHS sight tests if you are aged 60 or over. Find out more about help with NHS costs.
  • You can get a free TV Licence if you or someone you live with is 75 or over. And if you are not yet 75, you can still get a 50 per cent reduction in the price of your TV Licence if you or someone you live with is registered blind (severely sight impaired).
  • Your partner or someone else who cares for you may be able to get extra benefit for helping you. Find out more about benefits for carers.

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