Our structure

We’re divided into six areas, with each covering a specific part of our overall strategy. Find out about the work of these groups and the work of our Chief Executive

Chief Executive's office

The work of our Chief Executive is to:

  • lead on our work to make every day better for everyone affected by sight loss
  • take an ambassadorial role
  • champions change, both internally and externally.

RNIB's current Chief Executive

Sally Harvey, Acting Chief Executive, RNIB

Before joining RNIB in 2009, Sally was Acting Chief Executive and Director of Housing at Abbeyfield Society, Director of Resident Services at the Peabody Trust and held various roles in local government for London Borough of Enfield.

Sally is the Chair of the RNIB Specialist Learning Trust, Cardiff Institute for the Blind, the Management Board of Irish Centre Housing and her local Scouts Executive Committee.

Sally’s substantive role is as Managing Director of RNIB Places, leading our Education, Care, and Supported Living and Housing services.


Our people are our greatest asset. Teams in our People Group support our staff and volunteers in delivering our Group Strategy, ensuring we’ve an effective and engaged workforce across RNIB, Action for Blind People and our associate charities. Our People teams are led by Corinne Mills.

Corinne Mills, Group Director, People

Before joining RNIB in 2012, Corinne was Deputy Director of Finance and Human Resources at The Learning Trust, and previously undertook senior human resources roles at London Borough of Brent, Ofsted and Marks and Spencer.


Our Fundraising teams raise the money we need to continue our vital work. Without fundraising our ability to achieve our aims would be severely limited. 

Steven Greenberg, Acting Director of Fundraising

Prior to joining RNIB in 2010, Steve had successfully headed up the Individual Marketing team at Age UK and had worked there through the merger of Help the Aged and Age Concern. Before his time working for not for profit organisations Steve was in the commercial sector working at home shopping giants GUS and Littlewoods.


RNIB supports, empowers and involves thousands of people affected by sight loss to improve lives and challenge inequalities. It engages with a wide range of politicians, organisations and professionals to achieve full inclusion through improvements to services, incomes, rights and opportunities. Our engagement work is led by Fazilet Hadi.

Fazilet Hadi, Group Director, RNIB Engagement

Fazilet enjoyed an early career as a solicitor and equality specialist. She worked as a solicitor in law centres in Birmingham and Brighton and in corporate equality roles for Southampton City Council and Lewisham Council.


RNIB Places provides our high quality Education, Care, and Supported Living and Housing services for people of all ages with sight loss, many of whom also have complex needs. We strive to create places where the people we support can develop their learning and independence and live the way they choose, helping them to get the most out of their day to day lives. Our Places teams are led by Jayne Frampton.

Jayne Frampton, Acting Managing Director, RNIB Places

Jayne has a long history with RNIB, working as a key member of the senior leadership team delivering our Education, Care, and Supported Living and Housing services.


Our Resources teams ensure we have the support we need to deliver our Group Strategy. These include management of our facilities, IT systems, phone networks and financial processes. 


RNIB Solutions oversees our work to help individuals and businesses find practical solutions to the challenges presented by sight loss. This includes our retail and reading services and innovating on behalf of our customers to make content, products and services more accessible. The group's Managing Director is Scott Lynch.

Scott Lynch, Managing Director, RNIB Solutions

Scott joined RNIB in 2017. He has held senior operational and commercial leadership roles in the private sector, specifically in retail and technology. During his 20 years in the private sector Scott has worked for WH Smith, Argos and Amazon. For the last three years Scott has been working with social enterprises, charities and ethical businesses.

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