Our structure

We’re divided into several areas, with each covering a specific part of our overall strategy. Find out about the work of these groups.

Chief Executive

The work of our Chief Executive is to:

  • lead on our work to make every day better for everyone affected by sight loss
  • take an ambassadorial role
  • champions change, both internally and externally.

Eliot Lyne, Interim Chief Executive, RNIB

Before joining RNIB in 2016 first as Interim Finance Director, Eliot has worked in role​s with Amnesty International UK, Community Action Suffolk, Scope, Greenpeace, Essex Cares Ltd, Livability, SeeAbility, BBC World Service Trust, HelpAge International, Merlin, Samaritans, TK Maxx, Georgica Plc House of and Deloitte & Touche.

Eliot Lyne


Our Relationships teams work with people in the outside world to make sure we can raise money and have our voice heard. The teams deliver our campaigning, marketing, fundraising, partnership development and Connect Community, working supporters, raising money we need to continue our vital work, and making sure people know about our work and what we stand for. Our Relationships work is led by Sophie Castell.

Sophie Castell, Director of Relationships

Prior to joining RNIB in 2017, Sophie previously undertook executive, interim and consulting role​s across the commercial, voluntary and public sectors in both the UK and USA, working with a diverse range of organisations including Canal & River Trust, Coca-Cola, Unilever Ventures, Save the Children, the NHS and the University of London.

Sophie Castell, Director of Relationships


Our Services team delivers a UK-wide service every day. This includes our National Sight Loss Advice Service including specialist support, covering digital, telephone and face-to-face services including within hospital eye clinics. The Services team also includes services and solutions for people across the world that make content, products, services and environments useable and accessible, spearheading the improvement of customer service quality, regardless of how someone connects with us.

Vacant, Director of Services

The role of Director of Services is currently vacant, acting in the role is Jamie Dormandy.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services teams ensure we've the right support we need to deliver our strategy for people affected by sight loss. These include strategic planning and performance, management of our facilities, IT systems and phone networks and our workforce of staff and volunteers. Our Corporate Services teams are led by Corinne Mills.

Corinne Mills, Director of Corporate Services

Before joining RNIB in 2012, Corinne was Deputy Director of Finance and Human Resources at The Learning Trust, and previously undertook senior human resources roles at London Borough of Brent, Ofsted and Marks and Spencer.

Corinne Mills, Director of Corporate Services


Our Finance teams makes sure we plan and make best use of money we use to help create a world where there are no barriers to people with sight loss. Our Finance teams are led by Gemma Wadsley.

Gemma Wadsley, Finance Director

Before joining RNIB in 2018, Gemma held a range of roles at Macmillan Cancer Support including most recently Director of Finance, Director of Planning and Financial Control and Financial Controller.

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