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A young woman walking down the steps outside her front door using a cane and smiling.
A young woman walking down the steps outside her front door using a cane and smiling.

Get involved in campaigning with RNIB and help build a world without barriers for blind and partially sighted people. Whether you have sight loss, know someone with sight loss or have an interest in making the world a fairer place, together we can bring about change

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Cost of Living

Society isn’t designed with blind and partially sighted people in mind and the cost of living crisis has made this situation worse. RNIB is here to help you.

My info my way

Blind and partially sighted people have a legal right to receive accessible health and social care information. Find out more about our campaign, and how to request information in a format you can read.

Voting and elections: what you need to know

Discover what accessibility and reasonable adjustments, including large print ballot papers and tactile voting devices can be made for blind people at elections

Out of Sight

Thousands of people with sight loss remain Out of Sight. Life changes after sight loss, sometimes overnight, often in dramatic ways. Done well, vision rehabilitation equips people with new ways to stay independent: to get out and about, adapt their lives.

Access to Work delays

Unprecedented Access to Work delays are putting blind and partially sighted people’s jobs at risk.

Inclusive Journeys

Being able to get around safely is important for everyone, but for people with sight loss some things can make it harder to do this. RNIB campaigns to make our streets and public transport safe and accessible to all.

Information for MPs

More people than ever before are experiencing sight loss, making you more likely than ever to meet a blind or partially sighted constituent. Below are some practical suggestions that are intended to help you provide an accessible experience to your constituents with sight loss.

Information for Electoral Administrators

This page includes video, written guides and tips on how to support blind and partially sighted voters to use some of the accessible voting solutions.

Campaign resources

If you're interested in campaigning for positive change for blind and partially sighted people, we've got some great free resources you can use locally or nationally.

Campaigning news

The latest in RNIB's work campaigning for blind and partially sighted people

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