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See Sport Differently

Two men riding a tandem bike
Two men riding a tandem bike

Over 600 blind and partially sighted people have taken steps to help them move more. Find out how you can too.

It’s time to See Sport Differently

Whether you’re exercising or playing a sport, getting active isn’t about being the best. It’s about moving more, meeting people and having fun. Getting out there and trying something new won’t always be easy, but you’re not alone.

We’re sharing the stories of nine blind and partially sighted people who have already started their journeys, adapting activities to work for them.

From Cyreeta, who had lost all motivation but felt empowered after taking on the Couch to 5k, to Gordon reconnecting with his love of bowls, even starting small can make a big difference to how we feel. Are you ready to See Sport Differently?

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Real stories

Meet people with sight loss who are helping us See Sport Differently. From rediscovering a passion they thought lost, to trying an activity for the first time, each journey shows how even small steps can positively change lives.

What is See Sport Differently?

See Sport Differently tackles the biggest barriers that stop blind and partially sighted people enjoying sport and activity.

Activities for everyone

Whether you want to get active indoors, outdoors, with other people or on your own, there are plenty of activities you can get involved in that are accessible and inclusive for people with sight loss.

Home workouts

Start your journey to becoming active with our Mr Motivator home workout series.

Contact the team

Get in touch with the See Sport Differently team by completing our enquiry form.

Get involved

We are looking for people who take part in local sport or physical activity who would be happy to share their experiences with other blind and partially sighted people.

Inclusive spectator experiences

Find out how venues can improve spectator experiences for blind and partially sighted people with our stadium guidance.