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See the person, not the sight loss

Ava's face close up at night outside, lit up by the street lights.
Ava's face close up at night outside, lit up by the street lights.

We want people to see sight loss differently, so through RNIB’s biggest-ever advertising campaign, we are showing people how they can support us with their actions.

Blind and partially sighted people can live the lives they want to lead but how others behave and what they think often gets in the way.

By understanding the realities of sight loss and thinking about the part we can play in improving the world for blind and partially sighted people, we can make a better world together.

Our campaign story

Our character Ava is a typical teenager - an avid gamer who dreams of working in technology and has a visual impairment. We follow Ava on her sight loss journey, including her experiences following the initial diagnosis and the worry and frustration she feels, as she faces a lack of understanding from people around her and other challenges. We show how her determination, RNIB’s support and the understanding of people around her allow her to realise her dreams and ambitions.

Find out more with our frequently asked questions.

Watch the campaign video below.

Listen to our radio ad

We have created a lyrical poem that might surprise you. The poem is voiced by Ellen Renton, who is a Scottish poet/performer with albinism.

Each line tells you something enlightening about how blind and partially sighted people live their lives. It aims to dispel common misconceptions about sight loss and how blind and partially sighted people live, work, have relationships, are parents, who travel and use phones.

Listen to our radio ad
Image of Ellen Renton, photo by Douglas Tyrrell Bunge

Image of Ellen Renton, photo by Douglas Tyrrell Bunge

In this campaign

How much do you really know about living with sight loss?

More than two million people are blind or partially sighted in the UK, so we all should know more about it. Test your knowledge and take our quiz.

Watch our series of conversational videos

To challenge what people thought they knew about sight loss, we have filmed a series of relaxed “on the sofa” conversations giving the sight loss and sighted perspective on a common interest or profession.

Watch Ava's story and how we brought it to life

We are telling a different sight loss story by showing millions how Ava faced her own challenge. You can watch a range of different films telling Ava’s story and the impact it has on her, her family and friends, as well as a behind-the-scenes look.

How Googlebox stars enjoyed our film

Last year, we partnered with Channel 4’s Gogglebox programme to bring our See the person campaign into the sitting rooms of its stars - the nation’s sharpest armchair critics. Watch how it moved them here.

How businesses and other organisations can help blind and partially sighted people

Business can do much to support blind and partially sighted people as employers and by offering accessible services and products. Here we explain how to find more information on how any organisation, from small businesses and SMEs to major employers.

How you can help

Find out more information, tips and advice on what we can all do to help build a better, accessible world.

Find out what you can do to help in your community

We can all make a big difference to blind and partially sighted people’s lives, just by taking a few small actions. Take a look at these tips to make your street safer.

What you can do to help people with sight loss

Even small actions can make a big difference. Help us make the world a better place for people with sight loss by watching these videos explaining what people with sight loss find helpful and doing your bit.

Please donate to RNIB

In our film Ava is able to meet the challenges she faces, with her own determination and essential support from RNIB. If you would like to ensure people with sight loss get the practical and emotional help they need, please support us with a donation.

What to know #BeforeYouAsk

In our See the person, not the sight loss campaign, Ava’s story gives us a sense of going through a sight loss diagnosis. In sequence with this, our Before You Ask campaign helps people better understand what living with sight loss is really like.


We answer your Frequently Asked Questions on our 'see the person, not the sight loss’ campaign.