Braille resources for schools

We have a number of resources that can be used in schools to help teach children about what braille is, the history of braille and how it is used.

Braille education pack

We've produced an education pack to give primary school children the opportunity to learn about the history of Louis Braille and his amazing code

The pack has been designed to meet the needs of primary school pupils in accordance with National Curriculum key stages 1 and 2 History and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

The ready-to-teach education pack is available to download on this page. It includes information, lesson plans and literacy games about the life and work of the remarkable inventor of braille.

Download the education pack

Key stage 1

Lesson 1: History of Louis Braille

Lesson 2: What is braille?

Lesson 3: What is it like to be blind?

Key stage 2

Lesson 1: History of Louis Braille

Lesson 2: What is braille?

Lesson 3: What is it like to be blind?

Braille alphabet card

The braille alphabet card shows the embossed braille alphabet, punctuation marks and numbers, together with the print translation.  For more information please visit our online shop. For details of the Welsh alphabet card, please call 0303 123 9999.

Supporitng braille users

If you work with a child who uses braille, we can help you with courses and resources.


Our range of braille courses for adults will help you learn braille if you need to.

We also have a range of braille courses for children and young people who are blind or partially sighted.

Our Learning braille factsheet lists the courses we offer and suggests other resources to support young braille learners:

Learning braille (children) - factsheet (word, 1.3 MB)


The wide range of educational resources in our online shop are designed to help blind and partially sighted students in common school subjects.

We also stock a range of toys and games in our online shop, that are great for learning or just for having fun!