Christmas Appeal 2021

Two children unwrapping a letter from Santa

This Christmas, I’m back to help RNIB make sure every child with vision impairment feels special at Christmas.

I used to feel left out of all the festive fun, but last year Santa sent me an RNIB accessible letter. One I could actually read! It was so magical and more than just a Christmas treat – it helped me feel more confident about reading. Read more about my Christmas adventures here.

I want every child like me to feel as special as I did, reading my letter from Santa. But with 25,000 children with vision impairment in the UK, I’m going to need your help.

Help more children receive a letter from Santa


Meet my friend Eli

Eli wearing reindeer antlers and writing

This is Eli, he’s only six but he’s a long-distance runner, an aspiring goalie and the best big brother ever – according to baby Oscar. He has Nystagmus, which means he can’t see things clearly. For kids like me and Eli, sometimes it feels like Christmas isn't really meant for us.

Eli loves Christmas but he’s never received a letter from Santa. He has to use a special magnifier to read, which is why these letters from Santa are so great – they’re written however we need them; in braille, large print or audio.

This year, Eli is going to receive one for the very first time. His mum can’t wait to see his face when he opens it! Find out more about Eli and his family here.

Will you support me and help more children enjoy Christmas?



The first braille newspaper cover

Did you see our braille cover wrap on the Metro newspaper on Friday 3 December? It was the first time braille was used on the front of a newspaper in the UK. At RNIB, we hope that by bringing accessibility issues to the front of minds, we can help to create a more inclusive society for blind and partially sighted people.

RNIB Metro newspaper cover behind-the-scenes video transcript (Word, 17 KB)

RNIB Metro newspaper cover transcript (Word, 20 MB)