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Society isn’t designed with blind and partially sighted people in mind, which means you are less likely to be able to find the best money-saving deals or choose the cheapest options. Even before prices began to rise, one in five said they had some, or great, difficulty in making ends meet. We offer free practical and emotional support to help you deal with increasing financial and lifestyle pressures of the cost of living crisis.

Help with energy & utility

Energy prices are on the rise which means there are no cheap deals to switch to. Find our useful links below to help with your energy and utility bills.

How can I reduce my fuel bills?

The Priority Services Register is a free service provided by energy suppliers and network operators to help people who may need additional support. If you or someone you live with has a sight condition, you could be eligible. You may also qualify for a winter fuel payment, cold weather payment or the warm home scheme, which are all offered by the UK government.

Winter Fuel Payment - If you have reached the qualifying age you may get help with keeping warm in winter. This can be between £100 and £300 depending on your situation.

Cold Weather Payments - one-off payment worth £25 is paid automatically in severe weather conditions. This is when the temperature goes below zero for seven days in a row (between 1 November - 31 March).

Warm Home Discount - A new online tool is available to make it easier for you to check if you are eligible for the Warm Home Discount, which provides eligible low-income and vulnerable households with a £150 discount off energy bills.

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What are Warm spaces and where can I find one?

Warm spaces are inclusive spaces where everyone can expect a warm welcome from staff and volunteers all across the UK. They are completely free of charge and safe spaces for everyone.

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Help with technology

At RNIB, we believe in the power of technology to assist people with sight loss to be independent, access information, grasp opportunities and to b​e creative. We have lots of information to help you whether you are starting out or want more in depth help.

Smart Meters & Accessible In-Home Displays

RNIB and smart meter display-manufacturer geo have worked with industry, including trade body Energy UK, to develop the accessible in-home display (AIHD).

An AIHD, which works together with a smart meter, allows you to understand how much energy you are using and so can help manage energy bills.

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How can understanding broadband/internet speed help me save money?

An understanding of speeds can help to understand how long things will take and avoid frustration down the line. Whilst generally there are some handy tips on how to reduce your landline/mobile, if you are claiming certain benefits, you may be able to get a monthly broadband deal at a reduced price. Some providers offer bespoke deals, known as "social tariffs", at much lower prices. BT Home Essentials (detailed below) is an example of this.

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What is data usage and how can understanding it lower my broadband costs?

Data is information that is moved or processed by computer networks. Understanding how data is used and the impact of different speeds, is important in making sure you have the best and most cost efficient package for your needs.

Most broadband packages offer unlimited data. They vary in speed, contract length, set up charges, exit penalties and what else is included in the package (e.g. calls). To keep costs down, don’t pay for more data, faster speeds or more extras ("bundles") than necessary.

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Hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax allowances and reliefs for blind and partially sighted people are unclaimed every year. We can help you identify what tax allowances you may be entitled to. Find out more: