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Reasonable adjustments at work

Talking to your employer about your sight loss is your choice, but doing so can help your employer make the changes you need.

Reasonable adjustments

If your employer is aware of your sight loss, then they can consider making reasonable adjustments to your work. Examples of the sort of adjustments you and your employer could consider include:

  • providing modified equipment such as large screen monitors and magnification software
  • providing a support worker
  • making adjustments to the buildings where you work
  • being flexible about the hours you work
  • providing time off for assessment, treatment or rehabilitation
  • providing training, or retraining if you can't do your current job due to your sight loss
  • making instruction manuals and/or work-related systems more accessible
  • reallocating some minor duties to another colleague
  • transferring you to another post or location

Work-based assessments

RNIB can also carry out a work-based assessment and make recommendations on the equipment, software, and adjustments that would better allow you to fulfil your role.

Find out more about work-based assessments

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