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Benefits, concessions and grants

A man inserting a bank card into a cashpoint machine.
A man inserting a bank card into a cashpoint machine.

Find out what benefits are available, how to make a claim and how to appeal a decision. Read information on available grants and how to check if you are eligible, along with various concessions and discounts available to people with sight loss.

In this section

Benefits for people of working age

If you are under state pension age  and are blind or partially sighted, there are a number of benefits that you could claim.

Benefits for older people

These are the benefits that you could claim if you are over state pension age and blind or partially sighted

Benefits for carers

Carer's Allowance and Carer's Credit are two key benefits , that you may be entitled to claim if you are caring for someone who is blind or partially sighted. In addition to this, there is a “Carer Element” which can be added to a Universal Credit claim.

Challenging benefits decisions and tax credit overpayments

Find out how you can challenge a decision on your claim and how to deal with tax credit overpayment recovery.

Pension Credit

What is Pension Credit? How do you qualify for it and how much it is worth? Find out more below.

Benefits for children

Learn about the benefits you could claim if you are the parent or guardian of a blind or partially sighted child.

Benefits in Scotland

Read key information about benefits for blind and partially sighted people in Scotland and find contact details for organisations to help you access them.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) toolkit

Claim Personal Independence Payments (PIP) if you are blind or partially sighted with RNIB's Toolkit, it has all you need to complete your application form.


You can make your money go further by claiming a range of discounts and exemptions that you're entitled to.

Grants from RNIB

We offer grants to registered blind or partially sighted people for useful technology that can help them live independently.